money,politics | 7 Februar 2022  

Save Lives – Women are in Danger (English Version)

Save lives
On the occasion of the dramatic situation in Afghanistan, the film network LaDOC together with the IFFF invited in December 2021 the documentary filmmakers Sahra Mani (A THOUSAND GIRLS LIKE ME), Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami (SONITA) and Sahraa Karimi to the event AFGHANISTAN WOMEN’S VOICES.
We were very moved by the reports of our guests about the situation of women in Afghanistan. During the event, documentary filmmaker Sahra Mani and her colleagues urgently asked us for help.
In the last days we were already able to help five women quickly and easily through the LaDOC network. We have the possibility to help more women from Afghanistan very directly if we manage to raise more donations. Many of the women are activists and artists who have to hide. Besides the fear of being tracked down by the Taliban, they and their families are acutely threatened by hunger and cold.


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