„KIN“ Frauenfilmfestival in Armenien

  • 23. Januar 2019
„KIN“ Frauenfilmfestival in Armenien
Abbildung: KIN

Im November findet das einzige Frauenfilmfestival in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion statt: das „KIN“ Women’s Film Festival.

The festival’s goal is to promote women’s creativity, establish a network between woman filmmakers from different parts of the world and give hand to a better understanding of different cultures and each other. The purpose of the festival is to address through films issues of violence, inequality, discrimination and other problems related to women’s rights and gender problems.


EarlyBird submissions are now Open!

  • You are a woman filmmaker
  • Your film was produced in last two years
  • Film’s length is less than 30 minutes
  • Film is Documеntary, Fiction or Animation

If your answer is YES to all points we can already congratulate you as your film is eligible to participate in our COMPETITION PROGRAM.

In case you have a Feature film, you are fortunate today, we have GUEST PROGRAM where your film can participate.

We are waiting to see what cool things you have produced this time.

“KIN” Women’s International Film Festival
15-th edition, 15-19 November 2018


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